March 28-29, 2015: Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree National Park had the honor of being the first stop on our trip! Samsonite got to chill with the Joshuas and Jason joined us for some fun hiking, scrambling, bouldering and rock-climbing. Quick trip, but a great way to kick off our adventure!

Miles hiked:       2
Miles driven:    129

It’s officially begun!

Joshua Tree - 1

Samsonite admiring the Joshuas:

Joshua Tree - 2

We successfully found the Hidden Valley:

Joshua Tree - 3

Scrambled up some boulders to capture the sunset over the rocks:

Joshua Tree - 4

Joshua Tree - 5

Chasm of Doom!

Joshua Tree - 6

Joshua Tree - 7

Francy’s climbing attempt a great success!

Joshua Tree - 8


Joshua Tree - 9

Said goodbye to Jason at Chollo Cactus Garden:

Joshua Tree - 10

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