May 18-20, 2015: Montreal

Visited our friends Celina & Martin (who we met about 1.5 years prior when they Couchsurfed with us in San Diego!) in their great city of Montreal. They gave us an excellent tour of the city, introduced us to amazing foods, and made us only want to come back for more!

Miles walked:       8
Miles driven:      213

Hanging with Martin & Celina

Canada Costcos know what’s up:

Montreal, city - 1

My people know how to smoke their meat:

Montreal, city - 2

McGill Campus:

Montreal, city - 3

Montreal, city - 4

He just wants to cuddle:

Montreal, city - 5

Celina + rain:

Montreal, city - 6

Martin + rain:

Montreal, city - 7

Me + rain:

Montreal, city - 8

Montreal, city - 9

Having a very serious discussion about what kind of Beaver Tail we want:

Montreal, city - 10

More rain:

Montreal, city - 11

The Biodome

Paid a visit to the Montreal Biodome, a facility that houses FOUR distinct ecosystems that you can walk through and learn about. Desperately looking for the sloth that was supposedly there (we never found it):

Montreal, Biodome - 1


Montreal, Biodome - 2


Montreal, Biodome - 3


Montreal, Biodome - 4


Montreal, Biodome - 5


Montreal, Biodome - 6

If you couldn’t see the roof or the glass, would you think it’s real?

Montreal, Biodome - 7


Montreal, Biodome - 8

More Sightseeing

Hopped on over to the Montreal Olympic Stadium, home to the 1976 Summer Olympics. You can take an elevator up to the top of the tower, which we did:

Montreal, sight-seeing - 1

Montreal, sight-seeing - 2

Finally, a country that has his name!

Montreal, sight-seeing - 3

Now, THIS Poutine was a whole other level of glory (no offense, Québec City):

Montreal, sight-seeing - 4

Gorgeous view of the city from Mount Royal (from which the city got its name!):

Montreal, sight-seeing - 5

Montreal, sight-seeing - 6

Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal (replica of the real Notre-Dame, which we also got to see later on in Paris!):

Montreal, sight-seeing - 7

Samsonite bought himself a bag of squeaky cheese to snack on our drive to Toronto. He refused to share.

Montreal, sight-seeing - 8

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