August 14, 2015: Pompeii

As I mentioned in the previous post (but I’ll re-mention now, as I’m assuming nobody made it through that entire absurdly lengthy post…), we were supposed to go to Pompeii on our honeymoon but it was pouring rain and we ended up skipping out on this excursion, deciding that this was just one more reason to come back to Italy one day.

And so, we finally made it to Pompeii! Got ourselves some audioguides and spent 4 hours roaming around the massive city of ruins, with Mount Vesuvius looming in the background. Check out the photos below!

For an enhanced reading experience, click here to listen to Bastille’s “Pompeii” song as you make your way through this post. 

Miles walked/hiked:       7
Miles driven:               ~20

Amphitheater of Pompeii:

Pompeii - 1

Casts of the “mummified” bodies, entombed and preserved by the volcanic ash for THOUSANDS of years:

Pompeii - 2

The citizens of Pompeii, forever frozen in their final horrified moments:

Pompeii - 3

Pompeii - 4

Pompeii - 5

Archaeologists hard at work as much of the city has yet to be uncovered!

Pompeii - 6

The streets of Pompeii:

Pompeii - 7

Pompeii - 8

Pompeii - 9

Pompeii - 10

Pompeii - 11

Vineyards! Volcanic soil makes for delicious wine:

Pompeii - 12

Preserved frescos:

Pompeii - 13

Pompeii - 14

Pompeii - 15

The small and big theaters (respectively):

Pompeii - 16

Pompeii - 17

Temple of Isis:

Pompeii - 18

The communal poopers:

Pompeii - 19

Any guesses as to what sort of purpose this bed used to serve? The next few pics should give you a good idea… 😉

Pompeii - 20

Pompeii - 21

Pompeii - 22

The Forum of Pompeii:

Pompeii - 23

The Temple of Jupiter in the Forum, with Mount Vesuvius looming ominously behind:

Pompeii - 24

Pompeii - 25

Wonder would archaeologists would have thought if they found this stuffed turtle, mummified in the ruins…

Pompeii - 26

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