April 10-13, 2015: N’awlins

The gang unites in the great city of New Orleans! See below for the multitude of shenanigans in which our friends Joche, Julia and Steve, and my sister Carmel and her husband/my bro-lo/El Cunado Edo joined us for over the course of a few wild days.

Miles walked:      7.5
Miles driven:      352

Waiting for the crew to arrive:

New Orleans - 1

Bourbon Street!

New Orleans - 2

New Orleans - 3

New Orleans - 4

We took off for a tour of the famous swamps of the Louisiana Bayou:

New Orleans - 5

New Orleans - 6

Where we saw a whole bunch of gators:

New Orleans - 7

New Orleans - 8

And random infrastructure:

New Orleans - 9


New Orleans - 10

And beautiful scenery:

New Orleans - 11

New Orleans - 12

And vicious hogs:

New Orleans - 13

And snakes:

New Orleans - 14

Awesome group shot:

New Orleans - 15

We even got to hold a baby gator!!

New Orleans - 16

And then the boys had a little too bit much fun with this guy:

New Orleans - 17

New Orleans - 18

Rewarded ourselves with some good ole’ southern cuisine:

New Orleans - 19

After which we embarked on a haunted walking tour:

New Orleans - 20

New Orleans - 21

Every realtor in New Orleans is legally required to state whether or not the property they are selling is haunted:

New Orleans - 22

Apparently, this restaurant has a poltergeist that used to terrorize the guests and the only way to appease him is to set a table for him every night. If you pay enough, you can actually “dine with the ghost”:

New Orleans - 23

Walmart rainboots. The massive cuts in my calves that left scars = totally worth it.

New Orleans - 24

The National WWII museum:

New Orleans - 25

A Julia on Julia Street!

New Orleans - 26

The gang:

New Orleans - 27

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