August 6-8, 2015: Cinque Terre (Again!)

One time in Cinque Terre wasn’t enough for us, so we had to go back. Apparently two times still isn’t enough… who wants to join us for round three?

Miles walked:                  13
Miles transported:       ~180

Arrived in Monterosso (the northernmost town) in time for a short stroll through its charming streets before dinner:

Cinque Terre - 1

Listen, Cinque Terrians… we get that you’re trying to be funny and all, but this is our first night in Italy and we want some damn pizza. Please and thank you.

Cinque Terre - 2

Awaiting the boat to take us to Riomaggiore (the southernmost town):

Cinque Terre - 3

Monterosso (well, new Monterosso) from the boat:

Cinque Terre - 4


Cinque Terre - 5


Cinque Terre - 6


Cinque Terre - 7

And finally, Riomaggiore!

Cinque Terre - 8

The quaint streets of Riomaggiore:

Cinque Terre - 9

Cinque Terre - 10

Where we found THIS (a random assortment of various sea food items – some slightly intimidating, but all consumed nonetheless):

Cinque Terre - 11

Cinque Terre - 12

Warning or suggestion?

Cinque Terre - 13

Hiking around Manarola:

Cinque Terre - 14

Where we stumbled upon this and decided to jump in with the rest of the folks, fully clothed…

Cinque Terre - 15

Straight on to Vernazza, Francy’s favorite of the 5 towns!

Cinque Terre - 16

Cinque Terre - 17

A secret little cave that leads out to the water, which seemed to be THE cool (literally and figuratively) place to be:

Cinque Terre - 18

Beautiful Vernazza from above:

Cinque Terre - 19

This may not have been our first time here, but it was Samsonite’s and he was just THRILLED. Not a day has gone by since that he hasn’t begged us to come back. It’s exhausting, really.

Cinque Terre - 20

Ran into (and by ran into, I mean we happened to be there at the same time and coordinated a meet up… but still, a run-in happened!) my old coworker, Mike from Toronto, who was traveling Italy with his cousin. NPD reunion, in Cinque Terre of all places!

Cinque Terre - 21

And finally, I’ll leave you with this beautiful view of New Monterosso. Cinque Terre – see you again soon!

Cinque Terre - 22

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