August 11-14, 2015: Coasting Along The Amalfi Coast

Took our “car” down to the Amalfi Coast, where we spent a few days exploring various parts of the coast, driving the windy, sphincter-clenching, cliff-hanging roads, and just walking and hiking around. Details and photos below.

Miles walked/hiked:      13.5
Miles driven:                ~450


As we missed Capri when we were on our honeymoon (the boat was supposed to stop in Sorrento and we had an excursion booked to Capri and Pompeii, but due to bad weather we had to port in Naples, where, not only was it pouring rain, we were instructed one by one as we were walking off the boat to remove all jewelry and expensive looking items… to say this was one of the shittiest cities either of us had ever been to is an understatement, but I digress, as this has turned into the longest parentheses of all time…), we decided to make this our first stop on our Amalfi adventure! We drove out to Positano, hung out there for a bit, and had lunch at this awesome little spot along the water while we waited for the ferry:

Amalfi Coast, Capri - 1

Amalfi Coast, Capri - 2

We then took the ferry over from Positano to Capri and then hopped on a boat cruise to get a tour of the island, taking off from the beautiful Marina Grande:

Amalfi Coast, Capri - 3

A fun little statue of a man sits on the edge of this rock:

Amalfi Coast, Capri - 4

Amalfi Coast, Capri - 5

The naturally occurring caves and formations of this limestone island:

Amalfi Coast, Capri - 6

Amalfi Coast, Capri - 7

Amalfi Coast, Capri - 8

Amalfi Coast, Capri - 9

Our boat backed in so deep into the cave, people were able to touch the rock. How we didn’t hit it, I have no idea.

Amalfi Coast, Capri - 10

There is supposedly a super exclusive, super expensive restaurant up there. Apparently minimum spend is $100/person.

Amalfi Coast, Capri - 11

Some decent real estate, I guess… I really pity the person who has to live there. So unfortunate.

Amalfi Coast, Capri - 12

And here… this poor sod. Must be really tough waking up every morning to this dreadful view…

Amalfi Coast, Capri - 13

The “Lover’s Arch”. They (and I have no idea who “they” is, but roll with me here) say that if a couple kisses as they go under the arch, said couple will be happy forever. I practically had to force Francy to kiss me. Alas, he succumbed.

Amalfi Coast, Capri - 14

Amalfi Coast, Capri - 15

And that unfortunate piece of real estate supposedly belongs to the one and only Giorgio Armani!

Amalfi Coast, Capri - 16

And this pitiful residence (look carefully… there is a full on CASTLE at the peak of this rock), formerly Mussolini’s summer house, is now for sale for a whopping 38 million Euro! What a steal!

Amalfi Coast, Capri - 17

Approaching the Blue Grotto:

Amalfi Coast, Capri - 18

We desperately wanted to take a small boat in but were told that the Blue Grotto was closed that day due to rough waters. We were also told that swimming was forbidden in the Blue Grotto… at all times…

Amalfi Coast, Capri - 19

A cool lighthouse:

Amalfi Coast, Capri - 20

A yacht, if you could even call it that… Looks more like a spacecraft to me.

Amalfi Coast, Capri - 21

And back to Marina Grande we go:

Amalfi Coast, Capri - 22

Cruising Along the Amalfi Coast

Returned to Positano, got our “car” and began/continued driving the beautiful, albeit terrifying, Amalfi Coast! Here’s a gorgeous view of the city of Arienzo:

Amalfi Coast, driving - 1

Now, when I say this drive is terrifying, I don’t just mean that at times you are hugging the rail with a 300 foot cliff directly to your right, squeezing along the tiny road with a bus whizzing past you in the other direction (because that is very obviously terrifying). There are times when you are practically driving on a sidewalk, you are so close to the establishments around you. I could reach out of the window and touch tabletops of restaurants, grab clothes off of racks, shake the hands of passersby… it was a miracle I didn’t run anyone over. This was the one time we were THANKFUL our piece of shit car was peanut-sized (apologies for the blurriness of the photos – we were taking them while fearing for our lives and for the lives of those around us):

Amalfi Coast, driving - 2

Amalfi Coast, driving - 3

Amalfi Coast, driving - 4

Some cool driving shots Francy took with the GoPro:

Amalfi Coast, driving - 5

Amalfi Coast, driving - 6

Amalfi Coast, driving - 7

Amalfi Coast, driving - 8

Amalfi Coast, driving - 9

We made it to Amalfi!

Amalfi Coast, driving - 10

Amalfi Coast, driving - 11

The Amalfi Square:

Amalfi Coast, driving - 12

The Amalfi Cathedral (Cattedrale di Sant’Andrea/Duomo di Amalfi):

Amalfi Coast, driving - 13

He really is such a naughty turtle:

Amalfi Coast, driving - 14

Continued the drive as the sun was setting, which allowed for some gorgeous views and photos (thank god we made it to the end BEFORE the sun fully set… driving this in the dark would have been a step past sphincter-clenching, if you know what I mean…):

Amalfi Coast, driving - 15

Amalfi Coast, driving - 16

Amalfi Coast, driving - 17

Amalfi Coast, driving - 18

Cetara – another beautiful small town along the Amalfi Coast:

Amalfi Coast, driving - 19

Look at this… how do people not die here daily?? Imagine this when you throw a BUS into the mix?!?! The buses don’t even slow down for you. They give you a small honk to let you know they are coming and you have to quickly slow down and pull over as far as possible to let them through, at which point they pass INCHES from your car. I don’t want to know what it looks/feels like on the pedestrians’ side!!

Amalfi Coast, driving - 20

Francy took about 68 photos of this hotel. One day…

Amalfi Coast, driving - 21

And finally, a beautiful sunset view of Vietri Sul Mare, with the city of Salerno in the background:

Amalfi Coast, driving - 22

Sentiero Degli Dei (Path of the Gods)

Commonly ranked one of the top hikes in the world, the Path of the Gods takes off from Bomerano (very conveniently, and unintentionally, around the corner from where we were staying), at an elevation of ~1,900 ft (~580 meters), snakes along the mountainsides of the Amalfi Coast, offering absurd views at every turn, passing through the beautiful and quaint town of Nocelle at an elevation of ~1,300 ft (~420 meters), and then cutting down about 2,000 stairs to sea level, where you reward yourself with food, a dip in the water, and a nap on the gorgeous beach of Positano. The perfect end to a 6 mile hike!

Amalfi Coast, Path of the Gods - 1

Amalfi Coast, Path of the Gods - 2

Samsonite is stretched up and ready to go:

Amalfi Coast, Path of the Gods - 3

Bomerano (our starting point) in the background:

Amalfi Coast, Path of the Gods - 4

Mountains (literally!) of vineyards:

Amalfi Coast, Path of the Gods - 5

An abandoned house that we would love to make our own (Francy was investigating):

Amalfi Coast, Path of the Gods - 6

Giving me his “sexy pose”:

Amalfi Coast, Path of the Gods - 7

Amalfi Coast, Path of the Gods – 8

I like finding picnic tables in random places:

Amalfi Coast, Path of the Gods - 9

More beautiful views:

Amalfi Coast, Path of the Gods - 10

Amalfi Coast, Path of the Gods - 11

Only a SLIGHT drop… 😉 Also, a cool view of the coastal drive we had survived just the day before:

Amalfi Coast, Path of the Gods - 12

Positano – it looks so close!

Amalfi Coast, Path of the Gods - 13

Amalfi Coast, Path of the Gods - 14

Sick cliff:

Amalfi Coast, Path of the Gods - 15

Poor turtle’s exhausted (it’s tough work being lugged around in a backpack all day):

Amalfi Coast, Path of the Gods - 16

We made it to Nocelle, where this awesome tiny family-run cafe/restaurant greets and provides hikers with a nice spot to rest and enjoy a refreshment/snack along the way:

Amalfi Coast, Path of the Gods - 17

Samsonite cooled himself down with some fresh squeezed local OJ!

Amalfi Coast, Path of the Gods - 18

Who WOULDN’T want to stay in this villa?? … If it really is a villa, that is…

Amalfi Coast, Path of the Gods - 19

Beginning the 2,000 step descent to Positano:

Amalfi Coast, Path of the Gods - 20

Lazy turtle:

Amalfi Coast, Path of the Gods - 21

This would have been an upgrade from our car:

Amalfi Coast, Path of the Gods - 22

A little Jackie incessantly barking at us from the rooftop:

Amalfi Coast, Path of the Gods - 23

Goodbye Nocelle! It was a pleasure meeting you.

Amalfi Coast, Path of the Gods - 24

Amalfi Coast, Path of the Gods - 25

Amalfi Coast, Path of the Gods - 26

Amalfi Coast, Path of the Gods - 27


Amalfi Coast, Path of the Gods - 28

Amalfi Coast, Path of the Gods - 29

YES!!!!! Hellllo, Positano!


To get back to our “car” (in Bomerano), we had to take the ferry from Positano to Amalfi, then take an hour long bus ride from Amalfi back to Bomerano. The trip back took practically as long as our hike did! Anyway, we started our day somewhere up there in the clouds:

Amalfi Coast, Path of the Gods - 31

Amalfi Coast, Path of the Gods - 32

Yup… we were WAYYY up there!

Amalfi Coast, Path of the Gods - 33

And back to Amalfi:

Amalfi Coast, Path of the Gods - 34

Amalfi Coast, Path of the Gods - 35

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