August 26-31, 2015: Cyprus

We were debating about what to do with the last few days of the Europe portion of our trip. We really wanted to make our way into Eastern Europe but flights were SO expensive last minute and the cheapest option we could find was to Cyprus. So we thought, why not? That practically brought us half way back to Israel anyway, literally and figuratively, since half the tourists there are Israeli.

We rented a car in Paphos and made our way over to Larnaca, stopping at cool and beautiful sites along the way before flying from Larnaca to Tel Aviv. Check out our final photos from Europe below!

Miles walked:                   19
Miles driven/flown:      ~870


Visited the Tombs of the Kings UNESCO site. A large necropolis (ancient cemetery) just outside the city:

Cyprus, Paphos - 1

Our skilled and professional tour guide:

Cyprus, Paphos - 2

Damn, I wouldn’t mind being laid to rest with that backdrop…

Cyprus, Paphos - 3

The entrance to one of the tombs:

Cyprus, Paphos - 4

Cyprus, Paphos - 5

More cool tombs:

Cyprus, Paphos - 6

Cyprus, Paphos - 7

Cyprus, Paphos - 8

Cyprus, Paphos - 9

Cyprus, Paphos - 10

See that sign over there in the distance? That would be a KFC sign. Exactly what one would expect to see whilst standing in 2,500 year old tombs.

Cyprus, Paphos - 11

Went to see Paphos Castle… well, umm, there it is:

Cyprus, Paphos - 12

Petra tou Romiou (mythological birthplace of Aphrodite):

Cyprus, Paphos - 13

Cyprus, Paphos - 14

Cyprus, Paphos - 15

Cyprus, Paphos - 16

I hate this photo but, again, Francy thinks it’s hilarious and insists I include it:

Cyprus, Paphos - 17

Cyprus, Paphos - 18

Cyprus, Paphos - 19

Not a bad reminder. And for those who are wondering, since Francy’s license was expired… YES, I drove a MANUAL car on the LEFT side of the road for FIVE whole days and we are both still alive. Sort of.

Cyprus, Paphos - 20


Stopped in Limassol on the way to check out the beautiful promenade:

Cyprus, Larnaca - 1

Cyprus, Larnaca - 2

Cyprus, Larnaca - 3

And on to Larnaca!! Where we found this:

Cyprus, Larnaca - 4

And this:

Cyprus, Larnaca - 5

And also a beautiful promenade:

Cyprus, Larnaca - 6

Making friends, as usual:

Cyprus, Larnaca - 7

Cyprus, Larnaca - 8

Cyprus, Larnaca - 9

Larnaca Castle:

Cyprus, Larnaca - 10

Cyprus, Larnaca - 11

Church of Saint Lazarus:

Cyprus, Larnaca - 12

Cyprus, Larnaca - 13

An entirely matte black BMW. Even the logo was painted matte black!

Cyprus, Larnaca - 14

Cyprus, Larnaca - 15

Fun little afternoon basketball tournament:

Cyprus, Larnaca - 16

Spent the last day in Cyprus (and of our entire Eurotrip!) exploring the beautiful beaches of Eastern Cyprus, relaxing and listening to Serial. Konnos beach:

Cyprus, Larnaca - 17

Where Samsonite worked very hard on his tan:

Cyprus, Larnaca - 18

And his new look:

Cyprus, Larnaca - 19

Nissi Beach:

Cyprus, Larnaca - 20

Cyprus, Larnaca - 21

And finally, our tiny, propeller plane that took us home to Israel, along with a bunch of hungover Israelis:

Cyprus, Larnaca - 22

Hope you guys have enjoyed reading about the Europe portion of our trip. Next up:  hanging out in Israel and then… Asia!

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