April 16-17, 2015: The Florida Keys!

From Key Largo, all the way to Key West! The bluest waters, the best Cuban food ever, and the nicest people. The Keys were just spectacular!

Miles walked:       3
Miles biked:       22.5
Miles driven:      349

Thoroughly enjoying a Cuban espresso:

The Keys - 1

Met this groovy dog upon our arrival in Key West:

The Keys - 2

Visited Fort Zach, a Florida State Park and National Historic Landmark. Built in the mid-1800s, it played an important role in defending the nation’s southeastern coastline during the Civil War and the Spanish-American War:

The Keys - 3

The Keys - 4

The Keys - 5

Biking around Duval Street:

The Keys - 6

The Keys - 7

The ORIGINAL Margaritaville! He just can’t even contain his excitement:

The Keys - 8

The Keys - 9

Cool car, bro:

The Keys - 10

Why not?

The Keys - 11

Because scooters have feelings too:

The Keys - 12

The Southernmost Point in the United States:

The Keys - 13

The Keys - 14

The Keys - 15

The amazing Banyan Trees!

The Keys - 16

The Keys - 17

World famous Key Lime Pie. Oprah actually has this pie delivered to her regularly for $500/pie. Side note: We accidentally already dug into it before remembering to take the photo and so it doesn’t look quite as sexy as it should…

The Keys - 18

Our Couchsurfing host, Amy!

The Keys - 19

The beautiful waters on our way back up the Keys:

The Keys - 20

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