March-June, 2015: U.S. Road Trip

Ahoy mateys,

Here’s a list of all our posts from our 2.5 month U.S. Road Trip – Part 1 of our 2015-16 world trip. Click on any of the links below to hear a little bit more about that piece of the adventure. Enjoy!



March 27, 2015:   Goodbye San Diego!
March 28-April 6, 2015:   The Southwest
April 6-15, 2015:   The Deep South
April 15-May 1, 2015:   Florida + The Caribbean!
May 2-10, 2015:   Making Our Way up the East Coast (with a quick hop over to Israel)
May 11-16, 2015:   New England Adventures with Matt & Liz
May 17-23, 2015:   A Wee Bit of Canada
 May 23-27, 2015:   The Midwest
May 27-June 7, 2015:   The Northwest
June 7-10, 2015:   Making Our Way Back South Through California Parks

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