April 7, 2015: Fredericksburg + The Alamo

Left Marfa for San Antonio, home of The Alamo! Stopped in Fredericksburg on the way, a cool little German town, where we ate some bratwurst, naturally. See pics below!

Miles walked:       1.5
Miles driven:       436


Too bad we didn’t have time for a visit:

Fredericksburg - 1

Didn’t even know that HAD a month:

Fredericksburg - 2

Francy’s heaven:

Fredericksburg - 3

Bratwurst? More like BratBEST! (har har har)

Fredericksburg - 4

The Alamo

There she stands:

The Alamo - 1

Francy found a cool well:

The Alamo - 2

And Samsonite found a cannon (don’t worry, it’s not loaded!):

The Alamo - 3

The Alamo - 4

The Alamo - 5

Spirit of Sacrifice – memorial commemorating the Battle of the Alamo:

The Alamo - 6

The Alamo - 7

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