April 1-3, 2015: Vortexing in Sedona

Spent a few days in the gorgeous city of Sedona – a magical and mystical place. We did some hikes, checked out some of the vortexes that Sedona is famous for, and met some very interesting people before making our way down to Phoenix to catch our flight home to Irvine to spend Passover with the fam. Thank you, Southwest points!

Miles hiked:       3
Miles driven:    454

Samsonite hanging out with Sedona herself!

Sedona - 1

Hiking/bouldering up Cathedral Rock:

Sedona - 2

View from the top of Cathedral Rock:

Sedona - 3

Sedona - 4


Sedona - 5

Sedona - 6

View from the top of Bell Rock:

Sedona - 7

Sedona - 8

Sedona - 9

All the cool kids were doin’ it:

Sedona - 10

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