June 2-5, 2015: Seattle!

Had the GLORIOUS pleasure of one of my best childhood friends Sivan (from Israel) joining us for 3 days in Seattle! We hung out with friends there, did the typical touristy stuff, went to Snoqualmie Falls, ate a lot, and had a grand old time! 

Miles walked/hiked:        16
Miles driven:                  467

Kicked off Seattle with a BBQ at Sara, Jason & Theo’s!

Seattle - 1

First food truck she’s ever seen!

Seattle - 2

Hunter the Budtender (weed is legal in Washington!):

Seattle - 3

Free tour of Seattle with our hostel. First stop – Pike Place Market!

Seattle - 4

The original Starbucks (the original flooded or burned down or was attacked by zombies or something…):

Seattle - 5

The Gum Wall!

Seattle - 6

Seattle - 7

Seattle - 8

Seattle - 9

Some cool street art:

Seattle - 10

Seattle Public Library:

Seattle - 11

Explains why we’re so good at… geography?

Seattle - 12

Seattle - 13

Flagship REI store! It was magical. I wish we had taken pictures on the inside…

Seattle - 14

We found Wingman, Francy’s good friend from college! (but really, we intentionally met him and Maril for a glorious dinner)

Seattle - 15

Hiked around Snoqualmie Falls:

Seattle - 16

Seattle - 17

Seattle - 18

Seattle - 19

Seattle - 20

Seattle - 21

Seattle - 22

Seattle - 23

And found this disgusting slug:

Seattle - 24

Space Needling it up:

Seattle - 25

And we met Alicia and her ADORABLE kids for lunch!

Seattle - 26

Reunited with Sara & Theo for some brews at Hilliard’s Brewery (Theo’s fav):

Seattle - 27

And were joined by Katy & Jason for some more brewery shenanigans:

Seattle - 28

Seattle - 29

Seattle - 30

Thanks everyone who met up with us for an incredible time!

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