July 20-22, 2015: Welwyn Garden City

Began our week+ adventure in England hanging out with The Osbornes in Welwyn Garden City. Thanks again Uncle Bill for showing us a good time!

Miles walked:                  3
Miles transported:      ~260

Straight to The Osbornes’ local pub, “The Waggoners”, for a pint post flight (me with Uncle Bill and Anne):

London, Part 1 - 1

Shooting with Uncle Bill!

London, Part 1 - 2

Showing us how it’s done:

London, Part 1 - 3

Attempting (and failing):

London, Part 1 - 4

Attempting (and succeeding!! But he used to do this back in South Africa, so don’t be too impressed…):

London, Part 1 - 5

Went to relax after a hard, hard day of work at The Woodman, a pub located on Lord Salisbury’s Estate near the Hatfield House (which we ended up skipping because we were too lazy… terrible tourists). Note the amazing display of empty kegs:

London, Part 1 - 6

Samsonite DEMANDED to have a family photo with the Osborne clan in front of the Waggoners. Mustn’t disappoint the little one!

London, Part 1 - 7

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