May 16, 2015: Ben & Jerry’s Factory!

Met up with Patrick, Liz’s younger kin, on our way to Burlington in Waterbury, Vermont, home of the magic that is the ice cream of two crazy Jews – Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield. They couldn’t sound more Jewish if they tried.

Some fun facts we learned on the tour, aside from the obvious that is how ice cream is made:   Sticking true to Jewish stereotypes, Ben & Jerry met at the back of gym class and they split the cost of the $5 ice-cream making class. Way to represent, B&J. There were other fun little nuggets we learned on the tour, but you’ll just have to go do it yourself to find out!

Miles walked:       2
Miles driven:      141

Ready to get our learnin’ on:

Ben & Jerry's - 1

This is the ice cream flavor graveyard… where flavors go to die:

Ben & Jerry's - 2

Real big mixed bag of emotions in this group, apparently:

Ben & Jerry's - 3

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