June 10, 2015: Yosemite + Sequoia

The final day of our U.S. road trip! We were planning to spend some more time in both Yosemite and Sequoia, but it was raining, hailing and cold and we decided that a few extra days in Irvine cleaning up the car and unpacking/repacking wouldn’t hurt.

Anyway, we made the best of our last day, despite the weather – We hiked to waterfalls, played on rocks, visited the Generals, burrowed in trees… you know, pretty much your average Wednesday.

Miles walked/hiked:        4.5
Miles driven:                   632

Yosemite National Park

Samsonite was so excited to meet the famous Yosemite National Park!

Yosemite - 1

Half Dome in the clouds:

Yosemite - 2

Bridalveil Fall:

Yosemite - 3

Yosemite - 4

“Sure, I can climb these massive slippery rocks, no problem!”

Yosemite - 5

Yosemite - 6

Yosemite - 7

Yosemite - 8

“Why did you bring me here?”

Yosemite - 9

Ah, yes. That’s why:

Yosemite - 10

Yosemite - 11

Said goodbye to this stunning view of the Yosemite Valley and took off for Sequoia National Park:

Yosemite - 12

Sequoia National Park

Last stop before home! Samsonite wanted a good picture:

Sequoia - 1

A bunch of pictures of trees, Tamar, and Tamar + trees:

Sequoia - 2

Sequoia - 3

Sequoia - 4

The famous General Grant:

Sequoia - 5

Samsonite making friends everywhere:

Sequoia - 6

Always the mischievous one…

Sequoia - 7

Sequoia - 8

Sequoia - 9


Sequoia - 10

Mr. Sherman (the largest known living single stem tree on Earth):

Sequoia - 11

Hiking up to Moro Rock and seeing the terrifying/amazing view for the first time:

Sequoia - 12

Sequoia - 13

Sequoia - 14

Sequoia - 15


Sequoia - 16

Sequoia - 17

Sequoia - 18

Sequoia - 19

Sequoia - 20

“Oh, don’t mind me while I just drive through this tree real quick…”

Sequoia - 21

Sequoia - 22

It was hard choosing a picture to conclude our blog posts from the U.S portion of our trip, so we settled on this one. You’re all welcome:

Sequoia - 23

America – It’s truly been a pleasure! Next up – Europe!!

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