Welcome to our blog!

Hello world!

Tamar and Francois here. Welcome to our blog.

For those who don’t know who we are, we’re a young(ish) married couple that decided to take our first retirement and explore this bodacious planet, together with Samsonite, our fake pet turtle. After an unbelievable year and a half (check out our travel route as our DeLorme inReach Satellite GPS pinged our locations around the world), we’ll be moving to the great city of San Francisco this upcoming August to start the next phase of our adventures.

Though we won’t be updating this site regularly with our daily travels, we promise to still take mini-adventures on the weekends and continue to post about all the cool things we will be doing. We’ll also be continuing to back-post from all of our pre-world-trip adventures, so please continue checking in! Make sure to sign up under the “Dying to stalk us?” section on the right and we will automatically alert you, via e-mail, every time we publish a new post. Groovy, ain’t it?

Also, if you have any advice, thoughts, questions, would like to meet up or just want to chat, feel free to contact us. Should you have any complaints, please reach out to Samsonite directly at samsonite@samsonitesgreatadventures.com.

Hope you enjoy our blog!




Anza Borrego Desert, California

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