August 5-6, 2015: Cote d’Azur Road Trip, Days 3 & 4

Days 3 & 4 of our Cote d’Azur road trip went as follows:    Frejus –> Saint Cezaire –> Grasse –> Cannes –> Nice

As August 5th was Francy’s 32nd birthday, we went out to celebrate in Nice! It was indeed nice (har har). The hangover the next day (at least, for me)… not so much.

Miles walked:       10
Miles driven:      ~40

Les Grottes de Saint-Cezaire

Took a tour of the stalagmite and stalactite caves of Saint-Cezaire:

Cote D'Azur 3&4, Saint Cezaire - 1


Cote D'Azur 3&4, Saint Cezaire - 2

Cote D'Azur 3&4, Saint Cezaire - 3

Cote D'Azur 3&4, Saint Cezaire - 4

They call these two Romeo & Juliet, as they are only 1cm apart, but that takes about 1000 years to form and connect!

Cote D'Azur 3&4, Saint Cezaire - 5

I call THESE two Romeo & Juliet:

Cote D'Azur 3&4, Saint Cezaire - 6

Grasse – The perfume capitol of the world!

Took a stroll through the beautiful streets:

Cote D'Azur 2, Grasse - 1

Oh look, Fragonard himself:

Cote D'Azur 3&4, Grasse - 2

How did he get there?

Cote D'Azur 3&4, Grasse - 3

I want this life:

Cote D'Azur 3&4, Grasse - 4

Fragonard museum!

Cote D'Azur 3&4, Grasse - 5

The bread bearer!

Cote D'Azur 3&4, Grasse - 6


Cote D'Azur 3&4, Grasse - 7

Beautiful view from the top of Grasse:

Cote D'Azur 3&4, Grasse - 8

Livin’ the high life in Cannes

And by high life, I mean finding a shaded patch of grass by the beach and doing this (yes, you’ve noticed correctly, we made glasses for our wine out of beer cans):

Cote D'Azur 3&4, Cannes - 1

Amazing beaches:

Cote D'Azur 3&4, Cannes - 2

Working on his tan:

Cote D'Azur 3&4, Cannes - 3


Cote D'Azur 3&4, Cannes - 4

And now, I present to you, a slideshow of the physical manifestation of the world’s oil economy. I realize this is the first time I’ve thrown any sort of political/controversial subject into this blog out of the 64 posts we’ve had so far, but I don’t care. This is just so absurd (for those of you who have no monetary concept of these cars… each is worth at least a few million dollars), I had to put it out there.

Cote D'Azur 3&4, Cannes - 5

Cote D'Azur 3&4, Cannes - 6

Cote D'Azur 3&4, Cannes - 7

Cote D'Azur 3&4, Cannes - 8

Cote D'Azur 3&4, Cannes - 9

Cote D'Azur 3&4, Cannes - 10

Cote D'Azur 3&4, Cannes - 11

Cote D'Azur 3&4, Cannes - 12

Cote D'Azur 3&4, Cannes - 13

It’s nice in Nice

Ventured out the morning after a big night out (big mistake, more like it!) to explore Nice. The main square:

Cote D'Azur 3&4, Nice - 1

We found this awesomeness in the main city square (both pictures were cool and we couldn’t choose between them, so you get two pictures of practically the same thing):

Cote D'Azur 3&4, Nice - 2

Cote D'Azur 3&4, Nice - 3

The coolest park of all time:

Cote D'Azur 3&4, Nice - 4

Yes, that’s right, it had a massive turtle. Samsonite was too hungover to come out that day so unfortunately he missed this photo op. Hope he learned his lesson.

Cote D'Azur 3&4, Nice - 5

You try climbing 300ft to the top of Castle Hill in 90ºF and 70% humidity with a hangover. See how you fare.

Cote D'Azur 3&4, Nice - 6

I SUPPOSE the view from the top is going to be worth it…

Cote D'Azur 3&4, Nice - 7

Francy’s dream bike:

Cote D'Azur 3&4, Nice - 8

An ISRAELI cemetery in the middle of Nice?? Is it just me or is that SUPER random??

Cote D'Azur 3&4, Nice - 9

If it can be climbed, he will climb it. Even if all his fellow climbers are 1/6th his age.

Cote D'Azur 3&4, Nice - 10

Ahh. Now these are some views:

Cote D'Azur 3&4, Nice - 11

Cote D'Azur 3&4, Nice - 12

Cote D'Azur 3&4, Nice - 13

Walking back along the famous pebble beaches of Nice:

Cote D'Azur 3&4, Nice - 14

And we will cap off our blog series from our French Rivieran adventures with… a tush:

Cote D'Azur 3&4, Nice - 15

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