May 31-June 1, 2015: Coeur d’Alane, ID

Popped over to Coeur d’Alane to visit Tahnee, her awesome brother D.J. and his AMAZING son Michael!  Guys – thanks again! We had an incredible time! 

Miles hiked/walked:      6.5
Miles driven:                219

After an amazing breakfast:

Coeur d'Alane - 1

 A beautiful hike along Lake Coeur d’Alane:

Coeur d'Alane - 2

We found a snake:

Coeur d'Alane - 3

 And came across this adorable house – white picket fence and all:

Coeur d'Alane - 4

… with pet turkeys?

Coeur d'Alane - 5

Ended up at a local vintage toy store where I found some of my favorite childhood books and games:

Coeur d'Alane - 6

Coeur d'Alane - 7

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