April 28-30, 2015: Disney World!

Headed up to Orlando and spent the next 3 days exploring Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. But really, this was all just an appetizer, leading us up to our final and most magical day in Orlando: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Look out for the next blog post.

But of course, we both thoroughly enjoyed our first visit to the Disney of the East. See pictures below!

Miles walked:       28 (no joke… these parks are MASSIVE)
Miles driven:       298

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Indie, noooo!

Disney, Hollywood Studios - 1


Disney, Hollywood Studios - 2

Just like we’re back home in Cali:

Disney, Hollywood Studios - 3

Disney, Hollywood Studios - 4

Disney, Hollywood Studios - 5

Magic Kingdom

Getting a glimpse of the castle as we ferry over to the park!

Disney, Magic Kingdom - 1

Disney, Magic Kingdom - 2

Swiss Family Treehouse:

Disney, Magic Kingdom - 3

Disney, Magic Kingdom - 4

OMG IT’S JOHNNY DEPP!!!!!  (… if only….)

Disney, Magic Kingdom - 5

Francy enjoying some make believe time on Tom Sawyer’s Island:

Disney, Magic Kingdom - 6

Disney, Magic Kingdom - 7

Disney, Magic Kingdom - 8

Disney, Magic Kingdom - 9

Now this is reassuring:

Disney, Magic Kingdom - 10

Splash Mountain… a classic:

Disney, Magic Kingdom - 11

Disney, Magic Kingdom - 12

Disney, Magic Kingdom - 13

The castle at night:

Disney, Magic Kingdom - 14

Disney, Magic Kingdom - 15


Souvenir from Future World:

Disney, Epcot - 1

These guys were AMAZING. They call themselves… The Jammitors!!! (Watch the video!)

Disney, Epcot - 2

Post minor hissy-fit – I was upset because I thought the juggler wasn’t going to come out and I really wanted to see him. Luckily for Francy, he ended up coming out..

Disney, Epcot - 3

Said juggler:

Disney, Epcot - 4

Dancing in “Morocco”:

Disney, Epcot - 5

You can sing, you can dance, after all zis is France!

Disney, Epcot - 6

The lake at sunset:

Disney, Epcot - 7

Disney, Epcot - 8

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