May 23, 2015: Passing Through Detroit…

Decided to stop in Detroit on our way to Chicago to check out the infamous boarded up houses (very very sad) and visit the Henry Ford Museum. If you ever find yourself in the Detroit area, we HIGHLY recommend this museum!

Miles walked:        2
Miles driven:       236

Here are some snapshots of the boarded up houses that we drove by. Some are vacant, others have drug dealers and/or squatters. Sorry if they’re a little blurry – we took them on the move, as stopping didn’t feel like the safest/smartest move, if you know what I mean…

Detroit - 1

Detroit - 2

Detroit - 3

Detroit - 4

Detroit - 5

Detroit - 6

Detroit - 7

Detroit - 8

Detroit - 9

We all know how much Francy loves his wieners…

Detroit - 10

A “typical” bedroom of a teenage girl in the 90s!

Detroit - 11

Francy building an original Model T:

Detroit - 12

Detroit - 13

An old McDonald’s sign:

Detroit - 14

Now we know where the Amish hang out…

Detroit - 15

Camping throughout the generations:

Detroit - 16

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