May 27, 2015: Mount Rushmore

Though we heard from everyone who has visited Mount Rushmore that it is insanely disappointing, we decided that we had to stop there on our venture back west, just to check it off the list, at least. It was indeed as “meh” as we expected, AND… they tried to charge us $13 for parking! When we could PLAINLY see it from the road! Thieves.

Miles walked:      0
Miles driven:     109

Samsonite taking his mandatory NPS (National Park Service) sign photo, but clearly not happy about it:

Mount Rushmore - 1

And there she is… (apologies for having multiple photos of the same thing, but like, that’s pretty much all there is):

Mount Rushmore - 2

Mount Rushmore - 3

Mount Rushmore - 4

Mount Rushmore - 5

And a profile pic for good measure:

Mount Rushmore - 6

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