July 6-7, 2015: Impromptu Stopover in Brussels

Made a last minute game plan to hop over to Brussels with Michal and spend a quick night there to get a taste of the city. Turns out, the power in her place was shut off so we were in for a fun adventure!

Miles walked:                   5.5
Miles railed/bussed:      ~100

Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert!

Brussels - 1

The streets of Brussels:

Brussels - 2

Popped into Delirium for a quick beer before dinner:

Brussels - 3

Brussels - 4

We’re gonna need one of these in our house (when we have one again):

Brussels - 5

Brussels - 6

Grote Markt (Grand Place):

Brussels - 7

Brussels - 8

Brussels - 9

Brussels - 10

Delirious laughter as a result of her favorite sushi place being closed (but it’s OK, cus we got “all you can eat ribs” instead):

Brussels - 11


Brussels - 12

He’s everywhere!!

Brussels - 13

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