April 6-7, 2015: Marfa, TX

Via a friend’s recommendation, we decided to go check out Marfa. Marfa is a quaint little town in Western Texas (population:  1,819) known for its art and the Marfa Lights. We stayed at a little “commune” type place called “El Cosmico” where we slept in a teepee and showered in an outdoor communal shower. Was quite an experience!

Miles hiked:       0
Miles driven:    480

Ahoy, Marfa!

Marfa - 1

Our accommodations for the evening:

Marfa - 2

Marfa - 3

The top of the teepee:

Marfa - 4

Fired up the teepee fire to keep us warm in the high desert night:

Marfa - 5

The only up-kept building in Marfa (that we saw):

Marfa - 6

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