January 13-20, 2016: Diving in Alona Beach

After parting ways with Olga and Aaron in Siquijor, we made our way back to Alona Beach to begin our PADI Dive Course! We were referred to a dive shop called Piratas Alona Dive Center and are SO happy that we were because we had the coolest dive instructor in the world. Karim was not only an excellent dive instructor, he made us feel totally at home and we ended up staying a few extra days in Alona Beach to hang out with him and his awesome friends. Thank you, Karim, for showing us a wonderful time in Alona Beach and introducing us to the magical underwater universe!

Miles walked:                      11.5
Miles transported:              ~85
Miles SCUBA’d:          Not enough!

Dive Course in Alona Beach

And so it begins!

Alona Beach, Diving Course - 1

After the boring theory stuff (kidding… it was actually pretty interesting), we finally got in the water. Down we go!

Alona Beach, Diving Course - 2

Alona Beach, Diving Course - 3

Alona Beach, Diving Course - 4

We saw a bunch of cool stuff (corals, fish, eels, turtles… even octopi!!), but I’ll save those photos for the Balicasag Island section next 🙂 For now, check out this photo that was our home for the week:

Alona Beach, Diving Course - 5

Where we hung out with Karim and the fellow Spanish dive instructors. Karim even held a delicious barbecue party one night that he so graciously invited us to:

Alona Beach, Diving Course - 6

Day Trip to Balicasag Island

Off we go with our new friends – Reetta and Osmo from Finland and Britt and Maarten from The Netherlands (remember the latter two, as they may or may not make an appearance in the next post!):

Alona Beach, Balicasag - 1

Approaching the famous Balicasag Island:

Alona Beach, Balicasag - 2

Excited to get in this crystal clear water:

Alona Beach, Balicasag - 3

Alona Beach, Balicasag - 4

It’s time!

Alona Beach, Balicasag - 5

Alona Beach, Balicasag - 6

Alona Beach, Balicasag - 7

Alona Beach, Balicasag - 8

Unbelievable how many things we saw, starting with this gorgeous coral:

Alona Beach, Balicasag - 9

And these beautiful fish:

Alona Beach, Balicasag - 10

Alona Beach, Balicasag - 11

Alona Beach, Balicasag - 12

And eels!

Alona Beach, Balicasag - 13

AND TURTLES (and this time we weren’t wasted like we were when we saw our first live turtle in Barbados)!!!

Alona Beach, Balicasag - 14

Alona Beach, Balicasag - 15

We even saw an octopus! But that dirty bastard went into hiding as soon as we came by. Check out our video below to get a tiny glimpse of him. Nonetheless, you bet we were celebrating after this incredible dive:

Alona Beach, Balicasag - 16

Alona Beach, Balicasag - 17

Alona Beach, Balicasag - 18

Practicing our “O-bubbles” (not very successfully):

Alona Beach, Balicasag - 19

Underwater selfie (that I failed to appear in):

Alona Beach, Balicasag - 20

Adios, Balicasag. You were spectacular!

Alona Beach, Balicasag - 21

And Adios, Karim! You were even more spectacular than Balicasag! Can’t wait to see you again, hopefully sooner rather than later 🙂

Alona Beach, Balicasag - 22

And finally, I’ll leave you with yet another awesome video that Francy made of our diving adventures:

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