April 14-15, 2015: Gainesville + Naples (Florida…)

Made a quick stop in Gainesville to check out the University of Florida‘s beautiful campus  on our way down south to Naples… Florida, not Italy, obviously. That would be impressive.

Miles walked:         2
Miles driven:        443


Go Gators! (though we didn’t actually see any…)

Gainesville - 1

Gainesville - 2

Cool bird hanging out by the bat houses:

Gainesville - 3


Gainesville - 4

Gainesville - 5


Continued on down to Naples, which is a WAY WAY WAY nicer Naples than Italy’s Naples, which happened to make it to our “top 5 shittiest cities we’ve ever visited” list. Anyway, we made it on down to the Naples Pier JUST in time for the fantastic sunset over the Gulf of Mexico:

Naples, Florida - 1

Naples, Florida - 2

Naples, Florida - 3

Naples, Florida - 4

Naples, Florida - 5

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