August 8, 2015: Lucca + Pisa

Temporarily parted ways with Steve after Cinque Terre:  he took off for Yacht Week in Croatia and we stayed in Italy for some more exploring. You’ll just have to keep following the blog to find out how and when we reunite!!

Anyway, Francy and I took the train down from Cinque Terre to La Spezia to meet our rental car that was to transport us around Italy for the next week. We were surprised to be greeted by a manual 2-seater SMART car that could BARELY make it up a hill, especially if the A/C was on (it was 39ºC/102ºF outside… so that shit was on, like, always). But hey… when in Rome? Well, almost. When ‘almost in Rome’, I suppose. Or when ‘close enough to Rome that I can justify using this cliché’, maybe?

Unfortunately, we meant to take a picture of Samsonite sitting on top of the ridiculous car but kept forgetting (must have been the terrible A/C and, you know, fearing for our lives on every hill and at every turn) and now, we have no proof that this “car” even existed and none of you will ever believe us.

We took our ridiculous car for an adventure in Italy, starting with a visit to the medieval city of Lucca and the one and only… Pisa!

Miles walked:        8
Miles driven:      ~60


The walls of the ancient medieval city of Lucca!

Lucca - 1

Lucca - 2

In we go:

Lucca - 3

Hiked up one of the towers to get some amazing views of the city:

Lucca - 4

Lucca - 5

A beautiful view of the Duomo di Lucca (Lucca Cathedral):

Lucca - 6

Piazza dell’Anfiteatro:

Lucca - 7

Lucca - 8

The Church of San Michele:

Lucca - 9

Piazza Napoleone:

Lucca - 10

Lucca - 11


Stumbled in to a church to check it out and found… an Italian wedding!

Pisa - 1

Rounded a corner and voila! Definitely not easy to miss (I’m referring to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, in case you somehow DID miss it…).

Pisa - 2

We didn’t want to take the SAME generic photos that everyone else was taking… so we made Samsonite do it instead! Why lug a fake pet turtle around Europe if not to force him to pose repeatedly for awkward photos such as these?

Pisa - 3

Pisa - 4

Ooooooh someone’s in trouble!!!

Pisa - 5

Took a nice stroll along the Arno River, in search of our pathetic excuse for a car, before heading off for Siena!

Pisa - 6

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