November 12-17, 2015: Lounging in Pokhara

Ahh, Pokhara. So nice to get back to civilization. We were all so excited to eat something other than dal bhat and momo. First night, we settled on OR2K, an Israeli restaurant, having been dreaming of their goat cheese salad and Israeli sampler for the past 10 days. Now, I’d like to preface this by noting that up until this night, Francy and I had eaten EVERYTHING (meats, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, street food), even brushed our teeth with the local tap water (and this is Nepal we’re talking about…), and neither one of us had gotten sick, not even a little. Well… figures it would be the HUMMUS that ended up decommissioning us for 24 hours. The irony is by no means lost on me. But let me just say that we were so damn thankful that we got hit when we were staying in an actual hotel with an actual attached bathroom and an actual western toilet. Phew. Anyway, we finally recovered and began to enjoy Pokhara. Check out photos and videos below!

Miles walked/hiked            24
Miles biked/boated:           ~7
Miles transported:               0

Saw some pretty random and awesome things while wandering around Pokhara. Such as:

Pokhara - 1

And dogs with tikas (they were all so cute!):

Pokhara - 2

And this true testament to the absurd number of Israelis that dominate Nepal:

Pokhara – 3

And this amazing decal. Whoever owns this bike is obviously my soul mate (sorry, Francy):

Pokhara - 4

After spending 10 days together and not wanting to murder each other, we figured the next step in our group relationship was renting a boat together and peddling around Phewa Lake. Stocked up on snacks and beers and took off! (Sorry, Yoav)

Pokhara - 5

In case there was any confusion:

Pokhara - 6

Our dedicated “pilots”:

Pokhara - 7

Pokhara - 8

Saw these cool kids:

Pokhara - 9

And this curious dove:

Pokhara - 10

I suppose life COULD be worse…

Pokhara - 11

Pokhara - 12

Pokhara - 13

In the U.S., we have dog parks. In Nepal, they have dog + cat + goat + cow parks (stole this joke from Guy):

Pokhara - 14



Where we all went ape shit over a baby goat:







Pokhara - 22

Meanwhile, Francy was kicking it with the local cricket club and showing them how it’s done:

Pokhara - 23

Pokhara - 24

Pokhara - 25

Francy and his new posse:

Pokhara - 26

Rented bikes the next day with Lauren & Yoav and took off for Shanti Stupa (World Peace Pagoda).

Pokhara - 27

Some local villager insisted on escorting us up and took us the “shortcut” way… straight through the rice paddies:

Pokhara - 28

Shanti Stupa:

Pokhara - 29

Always the troublemaker:


Pokhara – 31

Pokhara - 32

Baby human in a cage and baby goats on the loose. Hmm…

Pokhara - 33

Pokhara - 34

Pokhara - 35

Pokhara - 36

And because these goats were THE CUTEST THINGS EVER and hopping around like crazy, we filmed (between the 4 of us) over 6 minutes of just baby goats being baby goats. Since I know you’re dying to get a slice of this action but don’t want to commit to 6 whole minutes of it (if you do, let me know… happy to share this glorious footage), I’ve trimmed it down and only left the good (correction:  BEST… it’s all good. Obviously.) parts. Do yourself a favor and watch the whole thing. You’re welcome:

Met this awesome (and smart as hell) kid who offered to watch our bikes for us while we hiked up to the Pagoda (his family owned the corner store). We chatted with him for a while when we got back:

Pokhara - 37

And he showed us his awesome collection of international currencies. Yoav kindly contributed a 20 shekel note:

Pokhara - 38

I’ll leave you with the following photo. Goodbye Pokhara!

Pokhara - 39

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