June 7-9, 2015: Shasta Lake + A Tiny Bit of Sac-Town

Moseyed on down to Shasta Lake (with Amber still in captivity) to meet up with the one and only Sharon Best! Though the water level of Shasta Lake is depressing, the times we had were marvelous. We played in the river, played cards, played Cards Against Humanity, played with each others’ minds, and just generally did lots of playing.

Miles walked:        7
Miles driven:       376

Just, you know, another hard day at the office…

Shasta Lake - 1

Shasta Lake - 2

Shasta Lake - 3

Shasta Lake - 4

Shasta Lake - 5

Shasta Lake - 6

Shasta Lake - 7

Shasta Lake - 8

Shasta Lake - 9

Shasta Lake - 10

Shasta Lake - 11

Shasta Lake - 12

Bear poop:

Shasta Lake - 13

My final goodbye to the Shazz! See you in South Africa! Or sooner??

Shasta Lake - 14

Shasta Lake - 15

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