July 28-29, 2015: London Adventures, Part 2

For the last segment of our UK adventures we were joined by our friend Steve & his sister, Kim, for 2 days in London, where we did a wee bit more sight-seeing and went to go see Let It Be!!! If you find yourself in London and you’re a Beatles fan – GO SEE IT.

Miles walked:             12
Miles transported:      0

Tower Bridge, one more time:

London, Part 2 - 1

FINALLY, we went to a Wagamama!! Francy had never been to one before and I hyped it up like crazy. Sadly, it was not as amazing as I remember it being…

London, Part 2 - 2

Buckingham Palace:

London, Part 2 - 3

London, Part 2 - 4

A fair summary of our relationship:

London, Part 2 - 5

The Beatles!

London, Part 2 - 6

London, Part 2 - 7

The Eye at night:

London, Part 2 - 8

Bumming around Camden:

London, Part 2 - 9

The lock they speak of:

London, Part 2 - 10

This post concludes our England adventures (for now… London, we’ll be back!). Onto Ibiza!!! 

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