Full 2015-2016 Travel Plans

North America Plans:

March 27-April 19: Departed San Diego and made our way East through the Southern states (with a quick hop back to Irvine for Passover and a wild family night in Vegas)
April 19-26: Flew to Puerto Rico and took off for week long Caribbean Cruise (St. Thomas, Barbados, Antigua, St. Lucia, and St. Martin)
April 26-28: Puerto Rico
April 28-May 6: Flew back to Florida and made our way up to New Jersey along the Eastern coast.
May 6-10: Hopped over to Israel for Yasmin & Nimrod’s wedding!
May 10-19: Hiked and explored New England
May 19-23: Tasted bits of Southeastern Canada (Quebec and Ontario)
May 23-June 2: Popped back into the States through Detroit and made our way back West through the Northern states.
June 2-10: Made our way back down to Irvine through Washington, Oregon and good ole’ California.
June 10-15: Unpacked the car and packed our suitcases to get ready for the next leg of our adventure (and squeezed in another wedding)!

June 15-July 5: Israel

Europe Plans:

July 5-6: The Hague, Netherlands
July 6-7: Brussels, Belgium
July 7-9: Paris, France
July 9-12: Dublin, Ireland
July 12-15: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
July 16-20: Amsterdam, Netherlands
July 20-29: London, UK
July 29-31: Ibiza, Spain
July 31-Aug 3: Barcelona, Spain
Aug 3-Aug 6: Driving from Barcelona, Spain to Genoa, Italy along the Côte D’Azur of France
Aug 6-Aug 16: Meandering around Italy
Aug 16-Aug 26: Greece
Aug 26-31: Cyprus

September-October 2015: Israel

Asia Plans:

Oct 22-Nov 19, 2015: Nepal (~1 month)
Nov 19-28, 2015: Bhutan (10 days)
Nov 28-Dec 1, 2015: Bangkok (3 days)
Dec 1-Dec 4, 2015: Hong Kong (3 Days)
Dec 4-17, 2015: Taiwan (~2 weeks)
Dec 17, 2015-Jan 1, 2016: Japan (~2 weeks)
Jan 1-Jan 30, 2016: The Philippines (~1 month)
Jan 30-Feb ?, 2016: Northern Thailand (~1 week)
Feb ?-March 12, 2016: Laos + Myanmar (~ 5 weeks)
March 12-April 1, 2016: Thailand Islands (~3 weeks)

April 1-29, 2016: South Africa
April 29-May 5, 2016: Namibia

May 5, 2016: Back to Israel to figure out what happens next!