April 19-26, 2015: Caribbean Adventures!

Decided to use some Southwest points to fly down to Puerto Rico and hop on a Caribbean cruise. I know, I know… Life is difficult. We’ve included some photos from each of our stops below. Enjoy!

Miles walked:        15
Miles driven:      ZERO!

St. Thomas

View from our cabin, docked in St. Thomas:

Caribbean Cruise, St. Thomas - 1

This was to be our only concern for the week. Woe is us:

Caribbean Cruise, St. Thomas - 2

They should have one of these in every major city:

Caribbean Cruise, St. Thomas - 3

Some glorious water action:

Caribbean Cruise, St. Thomas - 4

Caribbean Cruise, St. Thomas - 5

“Mama’s” Sex on the Beach – the best friggin’ drink either of us has ever had:

Caribbean Cruise, St. Thomas - 6


The only excursion we booked was in Barbados – a pirate booze cruise! How appropriate. Considering adopting this look full time:

Caribbean Cruise, Barbados - 1


Caribbean Cruise, Barbados - 2

They warned us the drinks were strong. Unfortunately, we didn’t take them as seriously as we should have….

Caribbean Cruise, Barbados - 3

BUT… even though we were super toasty and no one was expected to see any turtles because of the crappy weather that day, we won, big time:

Some snaps of these little beauties:

Caribbean Cruise, Barbados - 4

Caribbean Cruise, Barbados - 5

Caribbean Cruise, Barbados - 6

Caribbean Cruise, Barbados - 7

Pure joy (I was actually yelling):

Caribbean Cruise, Barbados - 8

Celebratory drinks (too many, incidentally):

Caribbean Cruise, Barbados - 9

Somehow, we made it back to the boat, along with our table-mates and new friends from Puerto Rico, Alice and Luis:

Caribbean Cruise, Barbados - 10

Caribbean Cruise, Barbados - 11

Caribbean Cruise, Barbados - 12

St. Lucia

Made it to St. Lucia. Life could be worse:

Caribbean Cruise, St. Lucia - 1

Caribbean Cruise, St. Lucia - 2

Our ship:

Caribbean Cruise, St. Lucia - 3

At less than $2/beer, how can he not be ecstatic??

Caribbean Cruise, St. Lucia - 4

Caribbean Cruise, St. Lucia - 5


Ahhh, Antigua. Is it just me, or do the beaches just get nicer and nicer as the boat moves along??

Caribbean Cruise, Antigua - 1

Samsonite’s right at home (though we left him on the boat)!

Caribbean Cruise, Antigua - 2

The view from Devil’s Bridge:

Caribbean Cruise, Antigua - 3

Half Moon Bay – A completely isolated beach with the most beautiful waves and waters we’ve ever seen… and a lone bar that sold ridiculously cheap beer. Let the glory and debauchery begin (RIP sunglasses):

Caribbean Cruise, Antigua - 4

Caribbean Cruise, Antigua - 5

Caribbean Cruise, Antigua - 6

Caribbean Cruise, Antigua - 7

Caribbean Cruise, Antigua - 8

St. Maarten (or St. Martin, depending on what side you’re on)

Started our day on the Dutch side of St. Maarten. Francy connecting with his Dutch roots:

Caribbean Cruise, St. Maarten - 1

You see what I mean?? The bluest waters and whitest sands we’ve seen yet!

Caribbean Cruise, St. Maarten - 2

Watched the planes land over Maho Beach, famous for it’s proximity to the St. Maarten airport and as such, an exhilarating spot to view the landing planes – especially the big commercials jets! Pretttty mind blowing (literally… hah! Get it? Get it?).

Caribbean Cruise, St. Maarten - 3

Oyster Bay:

Caribbean Cruise, St. Maarten - 4

Caribbean Cruise, St. Maarten - 5

Francy working that helmet. We rented ATVs for the day, so he wasn’t wearing this just for funsies… or was he?

Caribbean Cruise, St. Maarten - 6

Francy was obviously more partial to the Dutch side. I was digging on the French, just to keep things interesting. The French side had the nude beach….

Caribbean Cruise, St. Maarten - 7

Caribbean Cruise, St. Maarten - 8

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