April 5-6, 2015: Meteor Crater + Getting Nuclear in Albuquerque

After a quick fly home to Irvine for Passover, coupled with a quick hop over to Vegas with the fam (I know, woe is us), we flew back to Phoenix and took off for Albuquerque, New Mexico, stopping at Meteor Crater along the way. Check out pics and videos below!

Miles hiked:        0
Miles driven:     486

Meteor Crater

It was cool and all, but this is pretty much all there is to it:

Meteor Crater - 1

Meteor Crater - 2


Had the pleasure of Couchsurfing with Carl in Albuquerque! Carl is a nuclear scientist who plays the organ (which he built himself) and has the COOLEST stuff in his house, some even radioactive! Like this Uranium, for example. It was super heavy!

Albuquerque - 1

And apparently still super hot (radioactively speaking, of course):

An original sample from Marie Curie’s lab:

Albuquerque - 2

Radioactive room. I really wanted to see what’s inside…

Albuquerque - 3

Nuclear fuel from the first ever self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction:

Albuquerque - 4

Cool art that Carl makes using electrons:

Albuquerque - 5

And finally, Carl playing his homemade organ:

Albuquerque - 6

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