August 26-31, 2015: Cyprus

We were debating about what to do with the last few days of the Europe portion of our trip. We really wanted to make our way into Eastern Europe but flights were SO expensive last minute and the cheapest option we could find was to Cyprus. So we thought, why not? Continue reading

August 23-26, 2015: Greece, Part 3 – Lounging Around Chalkidiki

Said goodbye to Steve in Santorini, for good this time (we’ll miss you, dear friend), and flew into Thessaloniki, picked up a car, and drove out to the fantastic city of Afytos/Afitos on the Kassandra finger of Chalkidiki/Halkidiki (see map below). Continue reading

August 17-23, 2015: Greece, Part 2 – Island Hopping

Spent the next week Island-hopping around the The Cyclades of Greece. Continue reading

August 16-17, 2015: Greece, Part 1 – Athens

Hopped on a plane from Rome to Athens, got in super late at night, had a quick drink at our hotel’s awesome rooftop bar (where I was attacked by a cockroach), and woke up early the next day to mosey around Athens. Continue reading

August 14, 2015: Pompeii

As I mentioned in the previous post (but I’ll re-mention now, as I’m assuming nobody made it through that entire absurdly lengthy post…), we were supposed to go to Pompeii on our honeymoon but it was pouring rain and we ended up skipping out on this excursion, deciding that this was just one more reason to come back to Italy one day. Continue reading

August 11-14, 2015: Coasting Along The Amalfi Coast

Took our “car” down to the Amalfi Coast, where we spent a few days exploring various parts of the coast, driving the windy, sphincter-clenching, cliff-hanging roads, and just walking and hiking around. Continue reading

August 11, 2015: They Let Us Into The Vatican!

Though we’d been to Rome before (on our honeymoon) and seen the major sites, we didn’t plan anything in advance back then and weren’t willing to stand in line 2 hours for anything, cus we’re cool like that. Plus, this just gave us an excuse to come back to Rome one day.  Continue reading

August 8-11, 2015: Siena

Made our way down to Siena for three days of…. thunderstorms!! Not only was it insanely hot and humid (and our hostel didn’t have A/C), it was raining almost the entire time. But we still managed to squeeze some sightseeing in, as you can see below! Continue reading

August 8, 2015: Lucca + Pisa

Temporarily parted ways with Steve after Cinque Terre:  he took off for Yacht Week in Croatia and we stayed in Italy for some more exploring. You’ll just have to keep following the blog to find out how and when we reunite!! Continue reading