May 3-4, 2015: Brushing Up On Our Naturalization Tests

Sadly, we missed Olga by just a few short weeks, but instead got to enjoy the company of her D.C. peeps!! Hung out with Aaron and Becca, rented City Bikes, and wandered around the city. This wasn’t our first time in our nation’s capital so we took it pretty easy and just meandered around the city for the most part. This was, however, Francy’s first visit to the Holocaust Museum, which he agreed was exceptional.

We stopped in Great Falls Park on our way out of the city for a nice little afternoon hike before taking off for Philly.

Miles walked:          7
Miles biked:            6
Miles driven:         579

Aaron and Becca!

D.C. - 1

Casa Blanca:

D.C. - 2

D.C. - 3

Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool:

D.C. - 4

Lots of pictures of me on a bike:

D.C. - 5

D.C. - 6

D.C. - 7

D.C. - 8

MLK Memorial (they’re basically twins):

D.C. - 9

Thomas Jefferson Memorial:

D.C. - 10

Washington Monument (uhh, obviii):

D.C. - 11

Great Falls Park (in Virginia):

D.C. - 12

D.C. - 13

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