October 22-23, 2015: The Journey to Kathmandu

Though there are 1-stop flights from Tel Aviv to Kathmandu that only take about 11 hours, we booked too last minute and on too tight a budget to be able to afford such luxuries. As a result, we got to enjoy a 33 hour journey (was supposed to be 24 hours…) to a country in a time zone only 3 hours ahead. Now, to make matters slightly more interesting, our layovers were in Amman, Jordan (where at least I’m allowed in…) and Doha, Qatar (where, well, I’m not). See below for details of our airport adventures 🙂

Miles walked:                 6
Miles transported:     ~3,200

Landing in Amman, a beautiful (luckily, since we had an 11 hour layover there) and massive airport in the middle of the desert:

Journey to Kathmandu - 1

My breakfast:

Journey to Kathmandu - 2

Francy’s breakfast:

Journey to Kathmandu - 3

Our next layover was in Doha (there were problems with our tickets in Amman and it took the airlines FOREVER to sort it out… only 20 minutes before take off did they figure it out, print our tickets, and personally walk us on to the plane… we were sure we would miss the flight). At last, we arrived in Doha only to realize that our 4 hour layover had turned into a 13 hour layover. Joy. Luckily, Qatar Airways hooked us up with a room for the night. Unluckily, Israelis aren’t allowed into Qatar. However, the woman helping us told me I should be alright using my U.S. passport. Well, guess who they let into Qatar?

Journey to Kathmandu - 4

This girl!

Journey to Kathmandu - 5

We were put up in a 5-star hotel in the richest country in the world (which was to be our nicest accommodation for the next 6 months, no doubt). No big deal.

Journey to Kathmandu - 6

Journey to Kathmandu - 7

And back to the airport in the morning! They’re not kidding when they say this is one of the nicest airport in the world:

Journey to Kathmandu - 8

Oh, you know, what airport doesn’t have fancy cars and bikes just hanging around in it?

Journey to Kathmandu - 9

And an entire array of MACS, free for use:

Journey to Kathmandu - 10

And artistic playgrounds for kids and TV booths for adults:

Journey to Kathmandu - 11

And an entire high-end shopping mall inside, with AWESOME electronics stores (where, naturally, we spent most of our time). Qatar, you may not like me, but I sure liked you!

Journey to Kathmandu - 12

Finally arrived in Kathmandu! Where we expected to see tons of bags with trekking and climbing equipment. Instead, we found a ton of this:

Journey to Kathmandu - 13

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