May 27-28, 2015: Grand Teton National Park

Popped over to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to see what it looked like in the “summer”! Then headed out to do some hiking in Grand Teton National Park. Visited Jenny Lake and hiked up to the Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point. It was glorious.

Miles hiked:        6
Miles driven:     534

Jackson Hole!

Grand Tetons - 1

Welcome, Samsonite:

Grand Tetons - 2

Them Tetons are indeed Grand:

Grand Tetons - 3

Hiking up around Jenny Lake… in the rain!!

Grand Tetons - 4

Grand Tetons - 5

Grand Tetons - 6

Grand Tetons - 7

Grand Tetons - 8

Hidden Falls:

Grand Tetons - 9

Grand Tetons - 10

Navigating the rough waters…

Grand Tetons - 11

… and the deep snows. It was really quite the expedition…

Grand Tetons - 12

At last!

Grand Tetons - 13

Obviously inspired:

Grand Tetons - 14

And I shall leave you with this photo of a marmot:

Grand Tetons - 15

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