August 16-17, 2015: Greece, Part 1 – Athens

Hopped on a plane from Rome to Athens, got in super late at night, had a quick drink at our hotel’s awesome rooftop bar (where I was attacked by a cockroach), and woke up early the next day to mosey around Athens.

Miles walked:                    7
Miles driven/flown:      ~680

Amazing nighttime view of the the Acropolis and the Parthenon from our hotel’s rooftop bar (this was taken BEFORE a cockroach tried to take my life):

Greece 1, Athens - 1

The reconstructed Theatre of Dionysus (the ruins of the original are actually in a totally separate location):

Greece 1, Athens - 2

Greece 1, Athens - 3

The Erechtheion:

Greece 1, Athens - 4

And now, 359,686 photos of the Parthenon:

Greece 1, Athens - 5

Greece 1, Athens - 6

Greece 1, Athens - 7

Greece 1, Athens - 8

Greece 1, Athens - 9

Francy insisted I put this photo in the blog. Sorry for its complete irrelevance to the post.

Greece 1, Athens - 10

The Acropolis from below:

Greece 1, Athens - 11

The Acropolis from afar:

Greece 1, Athens - 12

Not sure what that is, but it’s cool:

Greece 1, Athens - 13

A far away view of the Ancient Agora of Athens and the Temple of Hephaestus, which we were on our way to visit:

Greece 1, Athens - 14

Stoa of Attalos:

Greece 1, Athens - 15

Greece 1, Athens - 16

And a close-up shot of the Temple of Hephaestus:

Greece 1, Athens - 17

We are so cool:

Greece 1, Athens - 18

Some awesome street graffiti (which was ALL over the city, but here are just a few great shots):

Greece 1, Athens - 19

Greece 1, Athens - 20

Greece 1, Athens - 21

Greece 1, Athens - 22

Interesting street decor:

Greece 1, Athens - 23

Wait, I thought Friends was set in NYC…

Greece 1, Athens - 24

Look closely… yes, you are correct. There is a child in the fountain.

Greece 1, Athens - 25

And finally, celebrated our 2 years of marriage with a drink at the hotel rooftop bar. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that August 17th is our anniversary? Right, that’s probably because WE didn’t even realize it was our anniversary until STEVE reminded us, at which point we were already at the rooftop bar having a drink, killing time before our ferry. And the award for the most romantic couple ever goes to…

Greece 1, Athens - 26

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