April 15, 2015: The Everglades!

Made out way down to Everglades National Park and did an awesome nature tour followed by an airboat tour through the swamps with Everglades Nature Tours. They were amazing. And they even made us picture collages! Check out pics below.

Miles walked:        1
Miles driven:        50

On the nature tour:

Everglades - 1

Everglades - 2

Baby gators!

Everglades - 3

Everglades - 4

Everglades - 5

Look at him, just floating there, ready to pounce:

Everglades - 6

The path for the airboat:

Everglades - 7

A Blue Heron:

Everglades - 8

Everglades - 9

Snake skin from the pythons that have taken over the Everglades. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see any :/

Everglades - 10

Duh dun. Duh dun. Duh dun, duh dun, duh dun….

Everglades - 11

Some good ole’ airboat action:

Everglades - 12

Everglades - 13

Everglades - 14

And a nice closing collage to round out this post:

Everglades - 15

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