July 7-9, 2015: The City of Love! (… Paris…)

Joined Rachel (who was visiting her roommate Antonia, who was there for work) in Paris and pretty much walked the shit out of the city for two days. We totally deserved all carbs and fats consumed.

Disclaimer:   there are about 10 pictures of the Eiffel Tower in this post. We had serious choice anxiety (and given that we picked these 10 out of like, 297851, percentage-wise, we really didn’t do too bad!)

Miles walked:                    21
Miles railed/bussed:       ~190

Kicked off our Parisian adventures with a visit to Sacre-Coeur:

Paris - 1

We climbed 270 steps for this view…

Paris - 2

Paris - 3

Paris - 4

Paris - 5

Paris - 6

Had to steal this one from Rachel (Credits:   Photo-taking – Rachel Leavitt, Photo-editing – Chloe Cerami):

Paris - 7

The usual things one finds in crypts…

Paris - 8

Paris - 9

Trekked (I’m not exaggerating, we were power-walking for like, 1.5 hours…) over to Le Marais (where all the Jews hang, as evidenced below) to meet Antonia for dinner:

Paris - 10

Kicked off day 2 of our Parisian walkathon with the Arc de Triomphe! Samsonite was so excited.

Paris - 11

Paris - 12

Hey, George! Fancy seeing you here!

Paris - 13

And so begins one slideshow of Eiffel Tower photos:

Paris - 14

Paris - 15 Paris - 16

Paris - 17

Paris - 18

And of course, what is one (or three) to do in Paris but have crepes for lunch…

Paris - 19

A short and lovely visit to the Luxembourg Gardens and Palace:

Paris - 20

Paris - 21

Paris - 22

… Where we found… Michael Biemann??? (Michael – did you know someone made a statue of you and it’s hanging out in Paris?!?)

Paris - 23

We then meandered across the bridge to the one and only (HAH – false. Check out our Montreal post… who did it better?) Notre Dame!

Paris - 24

This place looks familiar…

Paris - 25

Paris - 26

Our $18 dinner on the Seine (each bottle of wine was like, 2 bucks!! Whoever said Europe was expensive, don’t go to San Diego…):

Paris - 27

Evening (and by evening, I mean 10pm… Northern Europe is so deceiving that way…) boat-trip along the Seine to see the Eiffel Tower beautifully lit up at night! Yes, good observation – we smuggled the wine on board:

Paris - 28

And we shall complete this blog post with the second Eiffel Tower slideshow (but this time, it’s glowing!!):

Paris - 29

Paris - 30

Paris - 31

Paris - 32

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