July 5-6, 2015: Kicking Off Europe in The Hague

Began our European adventures in the Netherlands by flying into Amsterdam and taking a train over to The Hague to meet up with Michal & Rachel (who came in from Brussels). The Hague (or rather, Den Haag) is the seat of the Dutch government and home to the International Court of Justice and International Criminal Court. It is also a popular tourism spot, as it encompasses the Scheveningen district seaside resort.

We walked around, had an amazing dinner, and went to the famous Scheveningen beach. As beach-spoiled Californians/Israelis/South Africans, this beach to us was, well… just a cute beach. But the company was great and much fun was had!

Miles walked:                   7.5
Miles transported:       ~3,500

The awesome courtyard of our Airbnb apartment:

The Hague - 1


The Hague - 2

The beautiful gardens of The Hague:

The Hague - 3

Cute beach:

The Hague - 4

Very cool building and very cool people:

The Hague - 5

The Hague - 6

The Hague - 7

A choo-choo train!

The Hague - 8

And a very pretty lake!

The Hague - 9

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