April 9-10, 2015: Houston

Said adios to Austin and took off for for N’awlins (New Orleans!), stopping in Houston for a night to break up the 500 mile/8 hour drive and check out the local scene. Decided to keep Steve with us for a couple days as entertainment. 

Miles walked:     1.5
Miles driven:     180

Well this is a sight we never thought we’d see again….

Houston - 1

Samsonite is CLEARLY overwhelmed entering Houston…

Houston - 2

Houston Waterwall at Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park. 64 ft. tall and recycles 11,000 gallons per minute!!

Houston - 3

Saw “Beetle” – a local Beatles cover band that has been performing at this bar, The Continental Club, EVERY Thursday for the past 13 years (they just posted a flyer from 2003 on their Facebook page.. see below)! Apparently the locals go absolutely crazy for them… and it’s true. People were rocking out like we’ve never seen before!

Houston - 4

Houston - 5

A fascinating piece of art we saw at a local coffee shop. Who wouldn’t pay $150 for that???

Houston - 6

Who said road trips are boring? We made excellent use of the 5 hours between Houston and New Orleans making our own version of Aqua’s Barbie Girl. If you’d like to see the byproduct of our boredom, let me know and I’ll send you the private Youtube link (which we are not willing to share publicly on this blog…).

Houston - 7

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