June 7, 2015: Crater Lake

Kidnapped Amber and took her with us south to Shasta Lake to meet Sharon, making a quick stop in Crater Lake National Park.

After seeing a very large chunk of the United States, and bits and pieces of Canada, I have to say this was one of the most breath taking moments we experienced on our trip thus far (right up there with Havasupai Falls and Glacier National Park).

Miles hiked:          1
Miles driven:      265

Find the Samsonite:

Crater Lake - 1


Crater Lake - 2

Crater Lake - 3


Crater Lake - 4

So sexy… I know…

Crater Lake - 5

This guy!

Crater Lake - 6

And even more wow…

Crater Lake - 7


Crater Lake - 8

The beauty never ends:

Crater Lake - 9

Crater Lake - 10

Crater Lake - 11

Crater Lake - 12

Crater Lake - 13

Crater Lake - 14

Crater Lake - 15

Crater Lake - 16

Crater Lake - 17

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