December 24-26, 2015: Kyoto, Part 1

Ahhh, Kyoto. Such a magical city. As the former Imperial capital of Japan, Kyoto is home to over 2,000 religious sites – 1,600 Buddhist temples and 400 Shinto shrines – as well as palaces, gardens and architecture, all intact. It is one of the best preserved cities in Japan. Continue reading

December 24, 2015: Hiroshima

We arrived in Kyoto late in the evening of the 23rd and immediately booked our Shinkansen tickets (wooohoo, JR Pass!) for Hiroshima the next day. Continue reading

December 22-23, 2015: Kamakura & Hakone

Sadly parted ways with Tokyo, but were excited as more of Japan awaits! Continue reading

December 17-22, 2015: Livin’ it up in Tokyo

Tokyo was INCREDIBLE. As the most populous metropolitan area in the world, from the second we arrived to the second we left, it was like a constant assault on all our senses (thankfully, mostly in a good way). Continue reading

December 13-17, 2015: Taiwan’s Beautiful Eastern Seaboard

Taiwan’s Eastern Seaboard is ABSOLUTELY something to write home about (and, of course, write a blog post about). Continue reading

December 13, 2015: More Taiwanese Adventures – The Pingxi Line

The Pingxi Line is a 12.9km long old mining railway that runs through the Pingxi District, from Ruifang to Jingtong, stopping at various old mining towns along the way. Continue reading

December 4-9, 2015: Catching up with Mike in Central Taiwan

Not many tourists (at least, non-Chinese tourists) come to Taiwan, which made it an AWESOME place to visit and explore. Continue reading