March 20, 2015: U.S. Itinerary

Hello family and friends,

This is our first official post!

In exactly one week (T-Day!) we will be taking off from San Diego for our world adventure! Our trip begins with a 2.5 month road-trip through the U.S. The below map shows our planned journey, in case any of you would like to track us/meet up with us along the way (some of you already are!). We’ll also be posting a link to our satellite GPS (as soon as we set it up…), if you’d like to follow us through that too.

Note that the below is not exhaustive and totally final, as in, we are stopping at other places/cities in between the red dots and are still somewhat flexible, if you have any suggestions!

Love you all and we look forward to seeing you / hearing from you at any point along our journey!



Miles walked:    0
Miles driven:     0

Follow the green brick road:

US Travel Map - With Lines, filled in green

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