April 1-3, 2015: Vortexing in Sedona

Spent a few days in the gorgeous city of Sedona – a magical and mystical place. We did some hikes, checked out some of the vortexes that Sedona is famous for, and met some very interesting people before making our way down to Phoenix to catch our flight home to Irvine to spend Passover with the fam.  Continue reading

March 30-April 1, 2015: Havasupai Falls

A long time ago, two Israeli Couchsurfers were staying at our house in San Diego and telling us about their travels. They told us about a magical oasis in the middle of the Arizona desert that you can only get to by hiking 10 miles into the Grand Canyon. They said it was by the far the most beautiful place either of them had ever been. Continue reading

March 29-30, 2015: Grand Canyon

Though we lived only 7 hours away from the world-famous Grand Canyon for the majority of each of our lives, neither of us had ever been there. It was about time that we paid it a visit! Continue reading