August 23-26, 2015: Greece, Part 3 – Lounging Around Chalkidiki

Said goodbye to Steve in Santorini, for good this time (we’ll miss you, dear friend), and flew into Thessaloniki, picked up a car, and drove out to the fantastic city of Afytos/Afitos on the Kassandra finger of Chalkidiki/Halkidiki (see map below). Continue reading

August 17-23, 2015: Greece, Part 2 – Island Hopping

Spent the next week Island-hopping around the The Cyclades of Greece. Continue reading

August 16-17, 2015: Greece, Part 1 – Athens

Hopped on a plane from Rome to Athens, got in super late at night, had a quick drink at our hotel’s awesome rooftop bar (where I was attacked by a cockroach), and woke up early the next day to mosey around Athens. Continue reading