November 19-28, 2015: Bhutan

Wow. Bhutan… where to start?

I guess a quick Bhutan 101 for those who are unfamiliar with this country (yes, it is an actual country) is a good way to kick this post off: Continue reading

November 19, 2015: Flight to Bhutan

I know you’re all DYING to hear about Bhutan, but we have about 2,000 photos (from only 10 days) to sort through, so that post will be coming shortly. In the meantime, I’d like to tell you about our journey there… Continue reading

November 10-12, 2015: Annapurna Aftermath

Though this post will not be anywhere near as amazing (or as long) as the Annapurna post, the journey back down the mountain and the stops along the way were exciting enough that they warranted their own post! Continue reading

October 31-November 9, 2015: Conquering the Annapurna Circuit

I’m going to preface this post with a few notes: Continue reading