February 23-26, 2016: Unwinding in Vientiane

After a busy, intensive, exhausting, yet absolutely thrilling few weeks in Laos, the four of us arrived in Vientiane pooped out of our minds. Spent our few days there doing very minimal sight-seeing (after all, there really isn’t that much to see) and recovering, which was extra-necessary after the absurd night-bus we took from ThakhekContinue reading

February 20-23, 2016: The Thakhek Loop

Said goodbye to the lively Vang Vieng and took off for the south (I consider anything south of Vientiane “South”) to do “The Loop” – a 3 to 4 day motorcycle journey that takes you between villages, caves, springs and waterfalls. In my personal opinion, this was an absolute highlight in Laos. Continue reading